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Relax, Revive and Re-Energise




The Stress Buster

This massage focuses on the head, shoulders, neck and lower back. This massage unwinds all muscular tensions associated with your daily work.


Traditional Thai massage

Thai massage combines, unique Thai pressure massage along with reflexology and assistant progressive stretching to regain your overall well-being


Relax oil massage and aromatherapy.

By using essential oils with applied pressure, the aromatherapy massage truly helps you relax and return to state of clam and peaceful mind.


Foot massage and spa

After long walk, shopping or after sport its helps to reenergise tried legs and feet.


Royal combinations

Whole body massage with traditional Thai massage combines with relaxation oil massage techniques, including head neck and shoulders.


Scrub massage and treatment

This body scrub massage exfoliation treatment, removes dead skin cells while promoting younger looking supple skin throughout your body.


Facial and combination massage

For that pure indulgent moment and escape from the stresses of daily life.